Animal health products in the field of pharmacovigilance detection, assessment, understanding, including the response to the protection and animal health products is the science side effects associated with operating problems arising from the application. Production of animal health products, distribution and application of the legal process to all participants, provides a moral and ethical duty. During the use of pharmacovigilance products for animal health products and after that who knows that may occur in and near the imaging formation of unknown side-effects observed in the non-suspicious of expected results as differences in product cut-off time, the product of improper use, can occur in people who have to come into contact with potential impact on the environment and animal health products is negative It includes reactions.
Polimed with over 15 years of experience in the safety of its products and events are always holding the foreground is a pharmaceutical company. Turkey and pharmacovigilance, we apply all standards set by European Union laws and regulations.
Polimed timely evaluation report of each of the product's reliability in doubt, necessary for making emergency response to the market and thus authority has developed a pharmacovigilance system which minimizes the potential harmful effects of the product.
During the use of the purpose of supporting the provision of product safety with Polimed animal health products for human and animal health in case you suspect any side effects or adverse reactions, please our sales representative or contact us via the following email address:

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